2 Towns Ciderhouse

 Located at 33930 SE Eastgate Circle, Suite E, Corvallis, OR 97330, 2 Towns Ciderhouse is a company that values its place in the community and hosts an annual harvest party, Brewfest, every year. The cider produced by this small but innovative business uses whole seasonal fruits to create refreshing drinks with bold flavors you can’t find anywhere else.

When three Oregonians (a graduate in finance from OSU, another one who studied fermentation science and graphic design) got together to discuss their mutual love for home brewing; it wasn’t long before they abandoned plans on starting up an actual brewpub because of high projected startup costs made this idea impractical. instead, two friends decided that if there were people out here enjoying good craft beer, maybe somewhere nearby could be converted into “a little piece of America.” And so 2 Towns Ciderhouse came to life.

2 Towns Ciderhouse was born out of a small cider production facility in 2010. The company has since grown to be located near Corvallis, Oregon. It remains dedicated to both their location and how they operate – “retaining an old-fashioned hometown feel with plenty for everyone” Despite its close proximity to larger neighbors like Albany or Salem (which contain significant populations), this fact didn’t stop them.

The cidery’s taproom is the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing drink and some delicious food from their rotating ciders or bottled varieties available for purchase on-site. The menu offers both sweet temptations such as doughnuts with a jelly filling that are sure not only satisfy your craving but will also make you forget all about any other time they’re sold out. A welcoming atmosphere filled this small business where adults over 21 may enter without having the first reservation, so be quick if visiting during peak hours because these spots quickly sell out.

2 Towns Ciderhouse was founded on the principles of hard work and honesty. They start with only high-quality ingredients sourced locally when possible to ensure freshness for their customers’ enjoyment at their peak taste buds. They also pack them beautifully in aluminum cans or jarred octagoners. The company doesn’t use artificial sweeteners, concentrates, or adjuncts in its cider. They take pride that all of the fruit used is from Washington state and fermented slowly so it can speak for itself. The company also does not add processed sugars while using slow- fermentation methods that allow them to taste authentic Northwest craftsmanship and support local communities by providing jobs locally owned businesses like theirs that are committed to growing their team members’ enrichment.

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