Avery Park and Natural Area

The bustling heart of Corvallis city center lies one of its most popular parks, a 75-acre beauty spot filled with many attractions and modern amenities. A favorite among residents for years to come is Avery Park Rose Garden – it’s easy when you can just walk over from your house. The natural beauty of the Corvallis area shines in Avery Park, home to unique plants that can be found nowhere else. The 75-acre park also includes many attractions like a rose garden with over 100 varieties of flowers.

Whether you’re looking for a photoshoot spot or just want to take in the beautiful views of nature, this garden has something that will suit your needs. Thousands upon abundant blooms can be found here from May through October, making it a one-of-a-kind experience. The excellent one-mile walking trail that runs parallel to Mary’s River creates a stunning water feature in Avery Park. The rest of this facility has picnic shelters for rent and play structures that are perfect if you’re looking to keep your kids happy and busy. There are also wooded areas where visitors can find shade under which they may relax while enjoying their surroundings.

If you’re visiting Corvallis and are looking for a great place to spend an afternoon, look no further than Avery Park. The natural areas and sports fields are perfect spots any time of year. Five picnic shelters can be reserved by groups or individuals wanting privacy during their event; it doesn’t matter if its summertime rainfall because there’s plenty here where everyone will feel comfortable regardless of how Mother Nature delivers her message—whether she brings joyous moisture as rain on our behalf.

When you visit, please leave the garden just as you found it (per Corvallis Municipal Code Section 5.01). 170, clipping roses is illegal and can cause injury or death for these delicate plants that need proper care to grow well– harvesting their petals also causes harm since they will dry out easily without water once harvested from any type of plant. And lastly, removing Rose Petals off the ground may lead other pests into your home if left behind.

The Corvallis Parks and Recreation’s administrative office is located in Avery Park, home to many natural features that make it an ideal place for outdoor activity. Signs advertising classes or events can be found throughout the complex as well. Stop by their desk today if you have any questions about signing up with City Hall – they’re open Monday through Friday 8 am-5 pm during regular business hours; Tuesday and Thursday 12Noon until 5 pm when things get busy because there are always people coming over from out of town looking for information on what’s going on around here.

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