Bald Hill Natural Area

The summit of Bald Hill is a haven for nature lovers. The trails leading up to the mountain are framed by lush prairie plants such as endangered Willamette daisies and threatened Nelson’s checker mallows, which thrive in this undisturbed environment where they can grow without fear from humans or animals who would steal their seeds. Hikes, mountain biking, and breathtaking views can be found at Bald Hill Natural Area. The first property to come under protection by the Greenbelt Land Trust still uses traditional fire methods for restoring its oak woodlands while protecting prairies and providing you with an awe-inspiring experience.

Bald Hill Natural Area is a 5-mile stretch of dirt and gravel trails that are great for hiking, biking, or horseback riding. Anyone who wants an easygoing walk around this beautiful natural area can use the moderate multi-use path connecting Reservoir Road with Oak Creek Road. Bald Hill is a beautiful tract of land that includes many different habitats. The natural area can be found by following Midge Cramer Path, which connects it to the parking lots on Reservoir Road and Oak Creek Road and an expansive lot at Fairgrounds Park near downtown refinement.

This 41-acre portion of the larger 284 acres at Bald Hill Natural Area system was acquired in 1990 and later donated to the City Of Corvallis, while Greenbelt Land Trust retains an easement on this land. The trails take you up hills, through forests with spectacular views from coastlines throughout Oregon right up into its ascending Cascade Mountains.

This property is an important breeding location for many wildlife species, including plants such as prairie dogs, western gray squirrels, and bluebirds. Some of the more popular animals that frequent this area include acorn woodpeckers; they are often seen here due to their unique tallgrass habitat, which provides them with food sources like bugs or other small invertebrates found within short distances beneath ground level.

When you think of it, a landscape like this is something that should be shared with everyone. Protecting these types of landscapes helps keep our planet healthy and provides opportunities for people who live in cities across Oregon to get out and enjoy nature too.

Situated at 375 NW Monroe Ave, Corvallis, OR 97330, Bald Hill Natural Area includes 1,200 acres protected by a great community campaign led up until the present day; funds loaned through The Nature Conservancy, which helped make purchasing this portion possible – all thanks again go them because without their commitment we wouldn’t have anything left worth protecting or enjoying. 

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