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Hardscape Driveways Ideas For Your Home

There’s nothing quite like a well-installed driveway to format and introduce the design of your home. Driveways do require maintenance to look their best, but with professionally installed hardscape services by Sequoia Stonescapes, the need is reduced.

The curb appeal of your property is often defined by the material of the driveway you install. This must also fit the wider property in question, as some great visual implementation can define a space anew.

One thing to keep in mind is that driveways are deceptively simple in scope because a great deal of worthwhile design planning has gone into every single successful hardscape installation.

Let’s consider some ideas for your own home, should you need further inspiration to weigh up your options:

Implement a water feature in the midst of your home driveway.

Driveways can be decorative in terms of the color of the materials used and how those patterns propagate across the entire surface area. Sometimes, this can denote places to park, or perhaps shade at the edges to make border walls more visible. 

However, it may also be worthwhile to integrate wider property decorations and then cooperate with your driveway specialist to help refine the space. If you have enough room, a water feature in the midst of a larger driveway area can be a beautiful ornament, and will also determine how your driveway is used. 

Now, thanks to this middle structure, the driveway will shape a circle around it, which provides a one-way approach to keep cars moving around your driveway and turning easily. This will be especially useful when servicing guests.

Consider the borders of your custom hardscape driveway.

If you have a lawn on either side of your driveway, it’s likely that you have no desire for the turf to be dragged up by a misjudged tire placement. This is especially true if you have vegetable patches or flower decorations in the same space. 

For this reason, outlining your driveway with a small border wall can keep the driveable space contained, and will help it look distinct from the wider garden. This may even provide renewed safety containment, which is especially important if your children tend to play in the garden at all hours of the day.

Use permeable pavement for steep home driveways.

Steep driveways provide their own logistical challenge, especially in the midst of winter during the frozen weather. The best material for high inclines or declines is of permeable pavement, referring to concrete, rubber pavers, brick, and even recycled plastic pavers where appropriate.

This means that an even surface area can be applied even if the land is in no way flat. It will also mean that additional treatments, such as gritting the surface in the frozen temperatures so vehicles will grip more easily is key.

On top of that, the aforementioned walls may ensure any unwanted movement is prevented outright. Just make sure you avoid materials like gravel, which are especially unsuited to steep driveways due to the loose nature of the material.

With these ideas, you’re sure to feel inspired for your next driveway installation.

Sequoia Stonescapes will be happy to consult with you at every stage of the outdoor journey.

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