Honeywood Winery

Honeywood Winery was founded in 1934 by Ron Honeyman and John Wood, who saw that there was a need for producing quality wine for Salem people. The oldest functioning wineries within Oregon are found here.

Honeywood Winery has been around since before most of our grandparents were born. It’s hard to believe that the oldest producing winery in Oregon is also known for its fine wines and delicious fruit baskets, which you can order online today.

Honeywood Winery is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to enjoy a day trip with their loved ones. Located just a few minutes away from world-renowned vineyards and orchards near Salem, OR, they have been able to produce premium vinifera wines as well an extensive list of fruit flavors that will suit any palate.

Honeywood Winery offers a number of options to its customers. They have the ability for discounts on your monthly wine club membership, as well as some great deals in case you just can’t wait any longer and want something special. You also have Dog Gone Wine which helps raise money through sales while helping animals across Salem, Oregon, find homes equal love rescue them from cruel circumstances such as forced grooming sites or because there were no more spots left at an animal shelter around.

This amazing winery is open seven days a week for complimentary wine tastings and features the best in gourmet gifts, food products from all over Oregon as well an exquisite selection of fine wines.

Their wines are so good that you’ll want to come back for more. Honeywood Winery’s wine tasting is available without an appointment and features a variety of different beverages, from sweet rosé all the way up to sparkling white. You can enjoy the delicious food and beautiful scenery while browsing our gift shop or other great items like wine glasses.

Honeywood is a winery that sources its ingredients from within walking distance of the tasting room. This small-batch, barrel-aged wine takes cues in style and flavor profile directly from what’s being produced locally on their estate property – which means you can enjoy this prestigious product right here at home.

Situated at 1350 Hines St SE, Salem, OR 97302, Honeywood Winery is the number one destination for those who love wine. They have a full line of premium vinifera wines, as well as extensive listings in specialty drinks like pinks or sparkling white beverages.

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