How To Increase Your Homes Value With A Paver Driveway

How To Increase Your Homes Value With A Paver Driveway

When homeowners wonder how to increase home value, many opt for one of the following home improvement projects: Door and window replacement, kitchen or bathroom makeover, a clean and tidy decor. These simple changes can have a significant effect on the sale value of the property, as well as enhancing your comfort and happiness at home – not every homeowner considers increasing their homes’ value for resale. 

But have you considered how your outdoor living space can affect your home? A pleasant garden and clean pathway can add style and personality to the property. Yet, the most commonly overlooked improvement project is a paver driveway installation. How does a paver driveway increase home value? Here is what you need to know about paver driveways. 

They create a sustainable and permeable driveway

paver drivawayThe first consideration when you research how to increase your homes value is to pick a durable and sustainable solution that makes a significant difference to your property maintenance. That’s precisely what a paver driveway can do. The paver area avoids puddles of water on rainy days. But it also lets the water soak in gradually into the ground. What does this mean? Your soil doesn’t get too dry to absorb water. But the paver driveway regulates the soaking process, therefore reducing flooding risks and stagnant water. 

Additionally, heavy rain is less likely to wash into the road, keeping the front of your property clean and fresh even when the weather is bad. Talk about maximized and weather-friendly curb appeal! 

They create a safe parking bay

Nobody enjoys parking in a muddy area. But a soil driveway is likely to get muddy and dirty depending on the weather. For drive-in visitors or even walking bystanders, keeping your vehicles and shoes clean is a priority. The installation of a paver driveway creates a safe and bright parking spot, regardless of the weather. You can also branch out the installation into an elegant patio path that leads to the front door for a homogenous look and feel. 

Using gravel has been a popular solution to reduce the presence of mud. While they can be effective in mild rain, they have their limitations. In dry weather, gravels can increase skidding risks and damage the car body as they hit against your vehicle. 

They bring your decor together

does a paver driveway increase home valueUltimately, an organized driveway with pavers adds an elegant finishing touch to your home. It enables homeowners to create a positive first impression, extending your style to the outside. Unlike concrete and asphalt, pavers won’t crack and if properly installed they won’t settle. A paver driveway lets you easily create an appealing pattern, giving a thoughtful and tidy look and feel to your facade and front property. Remember that the driveway is the first thing that visitors and potential buyers are going to see. Ensuring you can make a good impression can reflect on the price offer if you want to put your home on the market. And even if you’re planning to keep the house, there’s nothing wrong with a durable, elegant, and tasteful improvement project. 

At Sequoia Stonescape, we’re passionate about paving stones. With over 10 years of experience, our family-owned company would love to help with your paver driveway installation. Get in touch at (503)-932-7605. We’ve got an eye for practical solutions and can help you create a beautiful outdoor addition to increase your homes value. 

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