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How To Prevent Pavers From Sinking

Pavers can be a brilliant addition to your property, adding both style and functionality at the same time. Countless homeowners choose to upgrade their curb appeal with pavers, but there may come a time when your pavers show signs of sinking. Sunken pavers can be both unsightly and even dangerous, as the risk of trips and fall increases dramatically when your flooring is no longer level.

So, how do you prevent your pavers from sinking, and subsequently keep them in the best possible condition? This guide aims to answer exactly that, so read on to discover how to prevent pavers from sinking today. 

What Causes Pavers To Sink? 

Unfortunately, there are lots of different things that can cause your pavers to sink. Laying bad foundations underneath your pavers can trigger movement, as the settling ground likely won’t be level enough to maintain a flat surface. A change in temperature can also encourage the ground beneath your pavers to shift, as can excess water as it erodes any rocks that sit below. Having large trees nearby to your pavers can also cause them to sink, as tree roots can grow upwards and make your pavers appear wavy and unsettled.

These are the main concerns that can cause pavers to sink into the ground

Thankfully, there are lots of easy solutions that can help you to minimize or even avoid these risks altogether. You’ll be able to maintain the most pristine pavers when you know how to prevent pavers from sinking! 

How To Prevent Pavers From Sinking into the Ground

There are lots of different ways to prevent your pavers from sinking, but it mainly involves top-quality installation. When you can lay the best foundations, install appropriate water drainage, and choose the most suitable location with no gutters or trees nearby, you’ll be able to protect your pavers for years to come. If you fail to take the opportunity to contact a team of paving experts to install your pavers, then you’ll be troubled with all kinds of problems that are expensive to fix and ultimately return time and time again. 

So, begin with your best foot forward and identify the right spot for your pavers with no obvious risks nearby. Then, hire a team of professionals to dig the foundations for your pavers, using the correct materials to compact the space to avoid future movement. They’ll have all of the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to install your pavers in the right way, helping them to maintain their style and functionality for years to come. 

Summary on Paver Installation and Uneven Shifting 

It’s clear to see that the installation of your pavers is the most important contributing factor that can influence whether they’ll fall victim to sinking or any other movement during their lifetime. Finding a reputable team of paver installation experts like Sequoia Stonescapes will help you to maintain peace of mind that your pavers will remain in the best condition for years to come, so don’t make the mistake of shelling out for poor standard installation that sets you up for future failure.

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