Monteith House

The Monteith House is a fascinating glimpse into history, and it’s easy to see why this house has been so popular with visitors from all over. The original manor dates back as far as 1849 when two pioneer brothers made their way onto our shores. They were responsible for building the first frame home in what would eventually become known affectionately by locals just as “Albany.” The Historic Downtown District is a location in which the Monteith House can be found. This home was built back when it first became known as Albany, and its construction dates were during 1849 by two men who had traveled on The Oregon Trail – Walter and Thomas.

The Thomas and Walter Monteith House is a museum that houses the first frame house built in Albany, Oregon, and it’s also home to many other historically significant structures. The building itself had hand-hewn boards due to lack of availability when Walter and Thomas created this beautiful piece back around 1850. The house was originally a combination dwelling and store but soon became the residence of Thomas and Christine (Dunbar) Monteith. Its architectural style is described as “Rural Vernacular / Pre-Classic Revival,” with extensive remodeling done in 1855 and 1880, which led to the little resemblance between its original construction.

The Thomas and Walter Monteith House is a reconstruction of an authentic 1800s house that has been carefully restored to its former glory. With many decorations and items still intact from this time period, visitors can get lost in the past while touring around these beautifully decorated rooms. Tours are offered throughout the year, but there’s something special about summertime. You can take a docent-led tour on weekends in June and July to learn more about how this house has been important for over 200 years. Tour Wednesdays through Fridays will give you an opportunity to explore some of Albany’s rich history that dates back before it even existed as this state’s capital city – not just its most famous landmark either.

The Thomas and Walter Monteith House was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975 and is now open to both Albany residents and tourists as a museum highlighting how this family helped build our community. You can also see “living history” events periodically given at various times throughout each year, which means you’re able to experience what life would have been like back then for yourself. The iconic house located in Albany, OR is a definite must-see for anyone who visits this beautiful state. 

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