Patio Paver Maintenance

Patio Paver Maintenance: Are You Keeping Your Patio Clean?

Patios are one of the first aspects of your home that visitors will see. When appropriately maintained, a patio or veranda is the heart of the house, and it can be an even more important area during warm summer days. Looking after your patio in the best way can be a little tricky at first, but you can achieve professional results with just a little practice. Here are some unmissable patio paver maintenance tips!

Use a Pressure Washer

Using a pressure washer on your patio is one of the best strategies to keep it free of dust and debris. If there is any stubborn stain or dry dirt, you might need to first scrub it off with a brush, but a pressure washer will ensure that most dirt is pushed off the patio.

Additionally, this technique won’t require you to use chemicals that could potentially be harmful to the surface of the patio. However, make sure you are regulating the pressure correctly to ensure you are not damaging any part of the patio. In addition, anytime after you pressure wash, you might need to add sand. If your sand is more than ¼” below the chamfer on the paver you loose interlock and it also is a place for dirt to get in the joints and cause moss and weeds.

Keep It Free of Moss and Weeds

Even if you have never been too much into gardening, you know how enjoyable it could be to spend a warm summer day playing or sunbathing on your patio. So, getting rid of weeds and moss is the best way to keep your patio or veranda in the best shape.

Start by using a leaf blower and broom to eliminate any leaf, grass, and soil that could have been accumulating in the gaps between the stones. Then, using shears and a garden shovel, get rid of the most stubborn weeds still growing in the gaps.

Add a Shade Structure

UV rays can be extremely damaging for many surfaces, and your patio and its pavers could also not be immune to this effect. Indeed, depending on the type of material you have used for it, prolonged exposure to sun rays can cause it to dry up, crack, or fade in color. If this happens, it could be almost impossible to save your patio, and you might have to invest again in a complete makeover or remodel.

Instead, installing a shade structure that can provide some protection to the flooring of your patio. Aside from shade, such a structure can create an extension of the house’s main area that is protected from the elements, and you can enjoy with the rest of your family.

Know What to Do if You Can’t Repair Your Patio

Patio and paver maintenance is an art that might not be easy to master immediately. Of course, with a little care and regular cleaning, your outside area can be the place for your loved ones to get together for many years to come.

However, unfortunately, it is possible that sometimes the area can be ruined beyond repair for no fault of your own. Natural events, exposure to sunlight, and daily wear and tear can eventually show signs on your patio. 

So, it is crucial to have the number of a professional patio paver maintenance company that can look after it. And if maintenance is not enough to restore the beauty of the outdoor area, you should get in touch with Patio Paver Installation professionals such as ourselves.

You can give us a call today if you would like some more information on maintenance or new patio installation options available to you. Call us at (503)-932-7605 and we would be happy to give you a no-obligation quote, free of charge.

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