Questions to Ask Your Hardscape Contractor

The 5 Top Questions to Ask Your Paver Contractor

When working with any sort of contractor, it is important to ask the key questions so that you can make sure that they are right for you and establish a good foundation for your working relationship moving forward. With that in mind, we are going to take a look at the top five questions to ask your paving contractor.

1. What is your experience in the industry?

The first thing you want to do is ask the paving contractor about their experience. How long have they been working in the industry? What sort of jobs have they worked on? This sort of information will help you to get a good understanding of their history and the level of expertise they have. 

2. How long will it take for the job to be complete?

You will also want to find out how busy the paving contractor is at the moment. If they are fully booked up for the next few months and won’t be able to start on your paving project right away, you need to know about it. This is why it is important to get a good understanding of when they expect to be able to commence the job, and how long they expect it to take. Of course, always make sure you’re a bit cautious when planning your own work around this.

3. Will you provide me with a guarantee for your work?

All paving contractors should supply their customers with a guarantee. Not only do you need to find out whether this is something you are going to benefit from, but you need to find out how long the guarantee will last. After all, you want to be sure you are going to get good coverage. The length of the guarantee gives you a direct reference when it comes to the level of quality and confidence the company has in the paving work they produce. 

4. Have you got any photographs or case studies of similar work you have carried out in the past?

There are lots of different styles of paving for you to choose from today. This is why it makes sense to look at the work that the company has done so far so you can make sure that their taste and creativity matches your own. Some companies may only provide one style of paving, and if this is not what you had in mind, you may want to consider looking elsewhere.

5. Can you provide me with a quote for the services provided?

Aside from the questions above, it is important to make sure that you ask the company to provide you with a fixed quote for the purposed work. The last thing you want is any extras to be added along the way, so it is vital that you are both on the same page when it comes to this. It is a good idea to ask the company to itemize the quote, so you know exactly what you are paying for within the fee they have presented. 

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