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Top Questions to Ask Your Outdoor Hardscaping Company

If you are looking for a hardscaping company, you will have your work cut out for you. There are a lot of different companies providing this service today. However, you don’t want any old company; you want the best, so you need to choose with care. With that in mind, read on to discover some of the key questions you need to ask your hardscape contractor.

Best Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Landscaping Company for Services

  • Are you licensed? The first question you need to ask is whether the company is licensed or not. Don’t simply assume that this is the case. Most states demand professional hardscape contractors to have an active license. This is important because it displays that the contractor is in good standing, which shows that they are honest, trustworthy, and responsible – all of the qualities that you want when you’re looking to work with any business. 
  • Do you have any referrals? It is essential to take a look at comments that have been left by previous customers so that you can be sure the paver installation company has a good reputation in the industry. Of course, you should do a little bit of research online as well. There are lots of good independent review websites. You can read comments that others have left to form an excellent all-around understanding of the company and the service they provide. 
  • Do you have insurance? It is also important to make sure that the hardscaping company has insurance in place. They need to have liability insurance, as well as worker’s compensation insurance. If they don’t, you could end up paying for any damages they make to your property. It is not a risk that is worth taking. 
  • Does a guarantee come with your work? You should also make sure that the company you choose offers a warranty with their work. Of course, the aim is that the service will be perfect the first time around. However, if there is something wrong with your patio, you want to be safe knowing that it will be resolved free of charge. The longer the warranty is, the better. It shows the company believes in their service.
  • Can you provide me with a detailed estimate? You also need to make sure that you get a good understanding of how much the service is going to cost. Not only do you want to receive a total cost, but you should get a detailed breakdown too. This will help to ensure that there are not any nasty surprises when you receive the bill. 
  • What will the usual schedule be like? It is a good idea to understand when the project will go underway and how long it will take for it to be completed. You should also find out how many hours they will work per day. 

So there you have it: some of the key questions you need to ask any hardscaping company that you are thinking about hiring for paver installation.

If you ask the questions that have been discussed above, you should be able to find the perfect company for your requirements. 

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