Willamette Heritage Center

The Willamette Heritage Center is a place for you to learn about the diverse cultures that have shaped this region’s history. This region has a rich history that is filled with diversity. The Willamette Heritage Center near Salem aims to connect the many stories of this area’s diverse communities through informative exhibits and programs for all ages, including school classes on field trips.

The early pioneers of Oregon were not only brave but also ingenious, and it shows in the architecture that was used for their homes. The Willamette Heritage Center offers tours from this past era as well as many other sections focusing on different time periods throughout history, including Native American culture or gold rush days.

When you visit the Willamette Heritage Center, it will feel like your very first-time traveling. From familiarizing yourself with early Oregonian culture to experiencing all, there is to do at this heritage site–from exhibits about our state’s history and resources available inside merchandise shops filled with unique gifts for every occasion; no matter what makes sense most days or hours in a day are perfect times spent discovering new things.

Come to the Willamette Heritage Center, a scenic and historic site that covers 5 acres with beautiful gardens for you to enjoy as well as pioneer buildings. There are also museums where we can learn more about Oregon’s history.

The Willamette Heritage Center is a great place to visit if you’re interested in Oregon’s history. You can find the Methodist Parsonage (1841), Jason Lee House from 1841, and an old Presbyterian Church that was established back then when it first opened its doors for worship purposes.

The beautiful heritage center is a unique resource for understanding the region’s history. It has both changing exhibits and permanent collections, as well as event space that can be used by any organization interested in historic preservation or education outreach programs.

The amazing Willamette Heritage Center is a historic site with 14 structures housing permanent and changing exhibits, a research library & archive, as well as a textile learning center. It also offers rentable event spaces for your needs.

Come to the Willamette Heritage Center and learn about how Pendleton Woolen Mills has been a part of Oregon’s diverse history. You can see what it was like for workers in this factory, as well as explore some changing exhibitions that highlight our rich culture.

Situated at 1313 Mill St SE, Salem, OR 97301, the Willamette Heritage Center is a place where people from all walks of life can come together and feel welcome. This historic landmark strives to create an environment that fosters diversity, appreciation for veterans’ history as well as disability rights by promoting equality among everyone who visits or works here.

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