Wuesten Café

When you think of it, the Little Wuesten Café is the best around Albany. It started as nothing more than a humble farmer’s market pretzel stand. They were originally sold at Lebanon’s and Sweet Home County fairs before finding their way into other areas across New York state.

Little Wuesten’s humble beginnings are rooted in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany. The name originated from the owner’s husband’s home town which is located next to present-day Lippe County within the region known as “Wuesten” or Lower Saxony -home of many famous beers like Hassparicusher Hofbräuhaus am Marktplatz (the Restaurant Ritterguts). It was so surprising that people definitely enjoyed this low-key soft pretzel served alongside their long cup of Longbottom Coffee.

For weeks, the word had been spreading through town about this new coffee shop that had just opened up on Main Street. People were raving about how good their lattes and pastries are. After trying them, you have to agree with all those reviews-the Longbottom Coffee Company really does provide some great beverages as well delicious treats for any taste bud out there looking forward or wanting something more than boring old caffeinated drinks at your local chains like Starbucks (I know we’ve all been burned by those before).

The café is more popular than ever, so they decided to move into a larger space. They still make every recipe by hand and use only fresh ingredients from the farmers’ market. If you visit Albany and are looking for something more filling than just bread and pastries, try the breakfast options at your local bakery. You’ll find all sorts of waffles with toppings like butter jam; there’s also sauerkraut cooked right before our eyes. If that isn’t enough to set them apart from any other restaurant chain, then I don’t know what is—you can even order an omelet made fresh in front.

When you visit the Wuesten Café, you are surely welcomed to the good stuff. The goal of the café is to make your tastebuds happy with a handcrafted product that’s as fresh and authentic as it can be. They work closely alongside local suppliers, using old-fashioned techniques for quality assurance in order to produce only what they believe delivers on taste alone – so you’ll have no problem seeing repeat customers when these dishes come up at potlucks or family dinners again soon enough.

At Wuesten Café, they’re always happy to see new faces and get the chance to share their love of photography with their customers. The backroom in this cafe is being transformed into a study, so we look forward to seeing more people in there soon – we hope it will feel like a home away from home when that happens.

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