When To Hire a Professional Paver Installation Company For a Project

Professional Paving stone Installation

The idea of DIY – do it yourself – is something that has captured the hearts and minds of homeowners everywhere, and when it comes to installing paving stones, this idea is perhaps more prevalent than most. However, although it is perfectly possible to install your own pavers and do a relatively decent job of […]

Is Installing Pavers Over Concrete a Bad Idea?

Installing Pavers Over Concrete living design driveway slab

Depending on how you look at it or what your needs are, installing pavers over concrete is either a good option or a cardinal sin. Some builders prefer not to install over concrete at all while others can justify it based on common constraints such as time or money. What you should know about Outdoor […]

Paver Colors and Styles: How to Choose For Your Home

Paver Styles paver colors paver designs & colors and styles

When it comes to choosing paver colors and paver styles for your property, there are some things you need to consider before making your decision. Whether you are looking to give your patio, driveway, or walkway some character by combining different hues, or if you are looking to match the architectural details of your home, […]