Deepwood Museum and Gardens

When you visit Deepwood Museum & Gardens, be transported back in time to a simpler era. The Queen Anne Victorian Home was built over one hundred years ago, and it reflects the charm of an earlier America with its beautiful architecture that has not changed much since then.

The Deepwood Museum and Gardens is the perfect place to get away for an hour or two. The guided tours offer fascinating information about what you’ll find inside while also giving insights into local history. They’ll take you on a guided tour of the home museum and show off all its secrets, from original artwork to historical artifacts. You won’t want to miss it.

You’ll be able to take in the breathtaking views of downtown Salem while on your lunch break. The Deepwood Estate has over 4 acres with beautifully manicured gardens and nature trails that offer something for everyone.

Visitors to Deepwood Estate will be able to see a slice of history in the form of old homes. The estate was registered on the National Register for Historic Homes, which means that it has been designated an official landmark by US government officials.

Situated at 1116 Mission Street Southeast, Salem, Oregon, Deepwood Museum and Gardens is a great place for visitors of all ages. The panoramic scenery will leave your jaw on alert, the well-laid-out Victorian-style garden provides relaxation in every corner with beautiful flowers or sculptures that are sure to please any eye (and nose), while Fry Stein Nature Trail takes walkers through some fun interactive exhibits.

The 5 acres of formal gardens surrounding the Deepwood Estate provide quite a colorful scene for a stroll. Special events like Easter egg hunts and jazz festivals occur throughout each year, making it worth checking out when you get a chance.

Visit the Deepwood Museum and Gardens to experience a unique experience like no other. Wednesday through Saturday, guided tours of this home museum are available where you will learn all about its history while seeing some amazing artifacts that have been discovered over time.

Because of its manicured formal gardens and nature trails, Deepwood Museum & Gardens is a beautiful backdrop for any event. The venue features several different environments, from the lush greenery of a garden to stately pines trees that create privacy in their shade or provide shelter against rainstorms without being too stuffy when it’s hot outside.

When planning your dream wedding, it is important to consider all aspects of the day. The Deepwood Museum and Gardens offers different packages depending on what you want for yourself or someone special in mind; whether they’re Showdown fans looking forward to their big event while enjoying an outdoor reception under twinkling stars (the Victorian Dreams package), prefer more intimate surroundings with lush gardens surrounding them during both parts – we have just what everyone needs.

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