Minto-Brown Island Park

The Minto-Brown Island Park is a beautiful 1,200-acre park that borders the east bank of the Willamette River in Salem, OR. The lush forest and open area have some great spots for hiking as well.

Minto-Brown Island Park has a 19 mile stretch of trails that visitors can enjoy for both walking and biking. The grassy meadows are full of native trees, providing an environment perfect for relaxing while enjoying the fresh air.

Minto-Brown Island Park is a hidden gem that offers visitors an opportunity to get up close and personal with some awesome wildlife. The observation platforms allow you to see all sorts of waterfowls, as well as other wetland creatures such as ducks.

The biggest park in Salem, Minto-Brown Island Park, stretches over 1 thousand acres with plenty of open space for hiking and biking. In addition, it’s also surrounded by lush trees making the experience even more beautiful.

The beautiful Minto-Brown Island Park offers an area for dogs to play and roam with plenty of room. The sanctuary also provides waterfowl wildlife in their natural habitats, which can be seen from scenic overlook points around the sloughs.

The off-leash Dog venue has a huge 30 acres where your fur baby will have unlimited run n’ Rolands. There’s even several observation decks along these trails, so you’re guaranteed some awesome view paired up alongside furry friends who seem blissfully unaware that humans exist outside this place.

With a variety of wetland creatures at the Minto-Brown Island Park, it’s no wonder that this is one popular spot for nature lovers. From ospreys and herons to rabbits or squirrels – there are always new adventures waiting in store.

Situated at 2200 Minto Island Rd SW, Salem, OR 97302, the Minto-Brown Island Park is a must-see for nature lovers. Not only does it have 29 miles of hiking and biking trails, but there are also several waterfalls on this large property that make the perfect spot to take your dog or fish.

This beautiful park is a great place for outdoor activities. There are many picnic shelters and tables, as well. You can also reserve one of these to help regulate how many people are at once since it has restrooms built inside too.

This beautiful island park shelter is the perfect place for your next family gathering. With two counter workspaces, it can comfortably hold 64 people and offers much more than just a place to sleep. There are portable toilets nearby as well so you won’t have a far walk if needed. And what’s better than an outdoor kitchen with a barbecue? You’ll find that this Minto Brown Island Park Shelter has all of those amenities right at its doorstep – including something really special: 8 picnic tables where children will be able to explore their surroundings without having any worries about tripping over dirty ground or getting splattered by hot fat spills from cooking food inside because they’re too busy playing games on.

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