Gilbert House Children’s Museum

Gilbert House Children’s Museum, situated at 116 Marion St NE Salem, OR 97301, is the perfect place to take your little ones for an interactive experience in the Salem area that will spark their natural curiosity. With numerous hands-on exhibits, Gilbert House has something engaging and new every time.

Gilbert House Children’s Museum is dedicated to making children learn in a creative manner, and their motto says that they do this by “engaged in inquiry-based learning.”

The Gilbert House Children’s Museum has an extensive outreach program that offers visitors the chance to explore different camps and exhibits, as well other arts humanities sciences activities.

The beautiful Gilbert House is a place where children can be themselves and learn about new things in an environment that inspires them. The Gilbert House Children’s Museum, founded in 1989, has been providing innovative educational experiences for over thirty years with stimulating programs designed to spark your child’s natural curiosity.

When you think of a magical place to visit, the Gilbert House Children’s Museum is at your fingertips. The museum was named after one man who had an extraordinary career in scholarship and invention, as well as being an athlete that won gold medals for his country during the Olympic games.

Gilbert was a visionary who saw the value in play. Not only did he invent Erector Sets which are still used today as one of his many great inventions, but he also had an idea for our giant outdoor discovery area -the 20K ft² Outdoor Discovery Area where kids can enjoy playing with toys that will make them feel like they’re living out their greatest fantasies.

This is a beautiful museum full of creativity and imagination. The outdoor discovery area has been designed for children to explore learn about nature through hands-on experiences with 15 exhibits that include science experiments as well arts projects such as painting or drawing on-site at our rentable art studio! Camps are also available so your little ones can have fun while you go out exploring the world around them all day long.

The amazing Gilbert House Children’s Museum is a place where you can explore and appreciate the cultures of others while learning about your own. It enhances children’s cultural competence, which will help them be more active participants in our increasingly diverse society.

The Gilbert House Children’s Museum is a place where children can explore and learn about different cultures through exhibits, programs, or even just play in an inclusive environment. They have done so much work for this community; they need only model their commitment by making sure that all board members/employees reflect what makes us great-our diversity.

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