Elsinore Theatre

When the Elsinore Theatre first opened its doors as a vaudeville and silent movie theater in 1926, it was an innovative innovation that would change how people viewed entertainment forever.

Today, the Elsinore Theatre has been restored to its former beauty. It’s now equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment that allows for expanded performance options.

The Elsinore Theatre has seen many changes through the years. From its inception as a movie house to today, it’s still going strong with performances by both professional actors and pieces created just for this venue.

The Elsinore Theatre has seen many different things happen in its long history. It’s not surprising that this theater would be the site at which new technologies like talking movies were first introduced when audiences wanted something more than just silent films with sound effects magnified tenfold through earpieces or speakers placed near your seat-they needed dialogue full stop.

The Elsinore Theatre is a popular destination for live music and theatre productions. It has been razed to its original grandeur with screenings of classic movies as well. With music performances from around the nation as well as theatrical productions and classic cinema screenings that run all year round, you’ll never be disappointed in this venue.

Situated at 170 High Street Southeast, Salem, OR, the Elsinore Theatre is a two-block walk from the State Capitol and just minutes away from numerous restaurants. The theater adds to your downtown experience with its vintage feel excellent service for all patrons alike – including those who have never been there before.

What better and unique way to spend your date night than with dinner and a show at the Elsinore Theatre? With its historic charm, this venue will provide an unforgettable evening. And if you’re looking around afterward in order to take advantage of all that downtown has on offer–from shops along State Street or trendy hotspots–they have just what every tourist needs.

The downtown district is a perfect place for all kinds of people who want to dine out and enjoy their surroundings. There are many restaurants in this area with patio-filled sidewalks, making it easy on your feet as well as taste buds.

The future of Theatre is bright! The Elsinore Theatre will be coming live again following a long stretch of mandatory closure. As they look towards the mix it offers—music concerts with international guests or comedies bums; there’s something for everyone at this downtown venue in Salem.

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