Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest is a 20-minute drive from downtown Salem and features the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, as well as craftsmanship that would befit any fairy tale imagination.

We all have that one summer memory where we become entrenched in a storybook world, surrounded by lush green forests and enchanted creatures. The Enchanted Forest at your local theme park is exactly what you’re looking for.

The forest is magical. It’s the perfect place to take your family for a day of adventure, exploring enchanted rides and attractions all backed by beautiful trees.

You can find many unique attractions at this park, including Storybook Lane. There are also Fantasy Fountains and Tofteville Western Town for those who want to explore more than just one area of interest in-depth or spend some time relaxing on their walk through memories that will take them back centuries ago when life was simpler.

If you’re looking to have an adventure and enjoy the art of comedy, then head on down to this performance venue. You will be able to experience some amazing acts that are sure not only entertain but also teach us lessons in life.

When it comes to a family vacation, there is no better option than visiting Enchanted Forest. With so many fun things available in one place and great food options throughout the park (including some delicious treats), you’ll have all-day energy levels guaranteed. You can also pack your own lunch if desired – just make sure not too heavy.

Visitors to the Enchanted Forest can enjoy a refreshing ride on our Big Timber Log Ride! This logging activity is perfect for guests who are at least 40 inches tall and want some summertime fun.

Situated at 8462 Enchanted Way SE, Salem, OR 97392-9444, The Enchanted Forest Theme Park is a place of childhood dreams come true. You can enjoy an Ice Mountain Bobsled Rollercoaster or go on the Kiddy Bumper Boats while listening to your favorite tunes from Tiny Tune Train, which will take you around this enchanting forest in style.

Enchanted Forest is a must-visit location for all your family’s entertainment needs. As you stroll through story land, watch characters become real and some that are famous like Humpty Dumpty or Alice in Wonderland. There’s also comedy theatre where they offer hilarious shows which fascinate its visitors with laughter coming from every direction possible. It’ll make memories worth remembering as long as it lasts longer than just one day.

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