Majestic Theatre

The beautiful Majestic Theatre in Corvallis, Oregon, has been a part of history since it first opened as an entertainment venue back on August 5th, 1912. Its original purpose was to showcase vaudeville shows and movies. Still, over time this grew into so much more than just that, with performances from all types of music groups like jazz bands playing during intermissions while waiting for your favorite movie star or composer to conduct their own orchestra inside. A community effort led by residents finally purchased the building after fierce debate about what they wanted their new public asset would be used. 

The Majestic Theatre in Corvallis, Oregon, has seen many different forms over its 109 years. First built as a vaudeville house and then remodeled for movie screenings before being purchased by the City on January 13th, 1985 at behalf of an effort that spanned thousands from around town, all wanting this spot to be used again but still maintaining its historic charm with nowadays amenities such as Persian carpets or pipe organs adding even more beauty. 

The Majestic Theatre has always been a critical venue for Corvallis’ cultural life. It provides space and support to over 90 different arts organizations, including those from both inside or outside of Oregon’s borders – making this one place where you can see anything your heart desires. The 2018-2019 season was a busy one for the theater. They put on over 150 performances, seen by almost 25K people. The work of nearly 1k active volunteers contributed towards the success of this program with their 80+ thousand hours spent each year in service to performers and audiences alike – thank you so much. 

The Majestic’s community is a group of people who genuinely care about the historic nature and beauty that make up this iconic landmark. The Majestic’s community gave their time and donated over $130K last year to support all aspects from operations to improvements on the property- which was crucial because it secured its future into upcoming decades. 

If you’re looking for an event space that’s both historical and state of the art, then The Majestic is just what you need. With its beautiful seating area perfect for meetings or performances alike and accessible classrooms available on hourly rental rates, this venue has everything any organization could desire. The Majestic Theatre is committed to our client’s success. Their team at Majestic will help you plan an unforgettable event with customizable options that fit any budget, whether 30 or 300 guests. They take pride in providing high-quality services for all types of audiences and events, including community productions at your next corporate retreat or trade show display setup. 

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