Reser Stadium

Suppose you’re near Corvallis and are looking for a place to catch the games; look no further than Reser Stadium. The spacious and pristine venue offers 43K seats with plenty of room leftover. The stadium is a mecca for football enthusiasts, with games ranging from international tournaments to local high school championships. If you’re looking for your favorite team’s game and want the experience of being surrounded by cheering fans while they play – this may be just what we’ve been waiting for all year long.

The Reser Stadium in Corvallis is an outdoor athletic stadium in the northwest United States, on the campus of Oregon State University. This venue has been home for many football games since its opening more than 73 years ago as Parker Stadium – it sat only 21000 people but offered great views thanks to its high bleachers. The stadium has been a venue for football and athletics since it opened in 1953. The Oregon State Beavers play their home games here and other regional university events like orientation campuses or commencement ceremonies. It’s not just one thing that makes Reser such an awesome place to go; you can do so many things when your friends visit versus staying at home.

The new stands will be built southwest of the current one, reducing seating capacity to 26407. The playing field runs northwest to southeast at an estimated elevation of 240 feet (73 m) above sea level. A press box sits on top for coaches and officials overlooking all sporting events held within stadium walls. The 1968 season was the first time Astroturf was installed at this football stadium. The brand switch from natural grass to artificial turf happened in 1969, which replaced it after 15 seasons with All-Pro infilled Field Turf and before the 2012 Bowl Games, where the stadium changed their product again.

The Valley Football Center is a state-of-the-art facility that includes everything you need to succeed as an athlete. The north end zone holds players’ weights, coaches, and administrators’ offices, with meeting rooms available upon request – it’s not just about what happens on Saturdays anymore. The renovations to the football stadium were completed in time for this year’s season. The new additions include an auditorium, coaches’ offices, a team room, and locker rooms that can be used by both players and fans alike. With these upgrades, Victory Through Valley is more competitive than ever before while also being functional enough so you’ll feel at home no matter what part of our great state it may be located within.

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