Siuslaw National Forest

In the Oregon area where the forest meets the sea, Siuslaw National Forest is a place in Corvallis, OR where visitors can experience nature at its most beautiful and pristine. The trails lead through forests filled with Sitka spruce trees as well as western hemlock branches that reach up towards skyward like arms begging for peace from all they’ve been through throughout history-especially during recent years when it seemed there wouldn’t be any more left standing due to logging practices have gone wrong. From high atop Mary’s Peak, one will have access to some 360-degree views on this small section alone: You’ll see both Pacific Ocean Shores of finishing coastlines before reaching your desired destination.If you and your loved one are up for an adventure or your friends are seeking to get away from it all, head on up to the Siuslaw National Forest. It encompasses more than 630 thousand acres along Oregon’s central coast between Coos Bay and Tillamook. Some places in this vast forest where chains have never been worn – like Furnace Creek Wilderness Area, which stretches eastward towards the Washington State border with its widespread old-growth forests that make for amazing hiking trails (and excellent kayaking).

The forests of Oregon can be found in many different places, but the most famous for its natural beauty is located near Coos Bay. This forest covers 39% (or about) and lies primarily on Lane County’s side with 27%. The rest come next: Tillamook county has 5%, Douglas 4%, Yamhill 3%. Benton 2% plus Polk 1%).

Hiking, camping, and picnic sites are just some of the opportunities that are waiting for you in Cape Perpetua. One can also participate in a range of programs such as those offered by rangers who will teach visitors about nature while exploring their surroundings on foot or by bike. The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area has been called one large temperate coast sand dune, which means it offers endless adventures like off-road driving through pristine forests with breathtaking views from high bluffs overlooking beaches packed full looking out at ocean waves crashing against rocks below.

Located at 200 SW Jefferson Way, Corvallis, OR 97331, the Siuslaw National Forest is home to some of Oregon’s rarest wildlife, including the Oregon silverspot butterfly. Home also for these creatures are beautiful mountain ranges fulfilling your outdoor needs with hiking trails and camping sites perfect places as they offer critical habitat protection so we can enjoy them long after man has destroyed every other aspect surrounding us. 

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