Tyee Wine Cellars

The Tyee Wine Cellars is at the heart of family farming. They were first settled in 1854, with rich land and pastures raised by Buchanan ancestors that were embraced as their own for generations before being handed down to current-day farmers who continue this tradition today. The estate vineyards represent five generations since it was founded 85 years ago when Josephine first planted grapes on these same acres back then–just like how she is passing onto new bloodlines what has been treasured all along time. The family farm is a welcoming place for visitors to experience the Estate Vineyard and Winery in Southern Corvallis, where they can also enjoy wine tasting or an event. If you are looking for some time outside with nature, then try one of their many trails that wind through forest land.

The third generation of Buchanan’s raised cows to run a dairy and built an amazing parlor that still stands today. The fourth, Dave and Margy, with their children, have planted wine grapes in 1974 and hazelnuts- one row each. The fourth and fifth generations of family farmers continue to operate the farm in a way that retains its diverse operations. These include an estate vineyard, winery tasting room with historic barn events facility including hiking trails through hazelnut orchards and native woodlands and wetlands habitats for birds such locally- disturbance tolerant species like Oregon’s official bird The Douglas Fir Tree Warbler found only near streams within Willamette Valley.

While the wines are only available for a limited time, these sustainable and environmentally friendly methods will be used to produce them in an edition of 250 bottles. The tasting room is open on Friday through Sunday, with free tours every hour starting at noon. Tyee Wine Cellars is a family farm and vineyard in scenic locations that are perfect for visitors looking to enjoy wine tasting or picnicking. Hikes along our Beaver Pond Loop Nature Trail provide an opportunity to get up close with nature while also helping protect this environmentally conscious land trust’s natural resources, which you can learn more about on their website.

Over five generations, the people at Tyee Estate Winery have adhered to an environmentally conscious way of farming and producing wine. They believe that sharing their product with you is not only a privilege but also one way in which they can show gratitude for your support over time- by giving back what belongs solely yours: The land. Tyee’s Estate Vineyard is committed to sustainability. They practice organic agriculture, using ecolabel standards for Salmon-Safe farming practices that protect the environment and enhance fish habitats nearby creeks with native riparian buffers, which are crucial in protecting birds of all types from predators such as cats or larger animals which prey upon them when they can’t fly away fast enough. 

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