Springhill Cellars Winery

Karen and Mike McLain, owners of Springhill Cellars Winery in 1988, decided to start a small vineyard around Albany with their father, Merv Anthony. They had seen how much people loved drinking wine from this region, so it only made sense that they try themselves at making some too. In upstate Eola-Amity Hills AVA (Mclean Vineyards), the founders of this distillery found paradise for wines lovers everywhere – crafting bottles using as little processing possible, which highlights natural flavors of terroir. Springhill Cellars is a family-owned winery that was founded in 1988 by Mike and Karen McLain, along with some help from their father, Merv Anthony. The vineyards for Spring hill come primarily from 1978 to 1990 when it had been planted at the estate level as well as 12 acres of land called “The Eola Amity Hills AVa.”

Oak barrels are often used to finely age wine, and there is a reason for this. The barrel helps balance the tannins, so you get an eye-pleasing flavor with minimal astringency or harsh aftertaste in your mouth when drinking it later on down the line. Aging wine in oak barrels is a centuries-old tradition that has been mastered by the winemakers at this vineyard. The fruit of their hard work at Springhill can be seen through rich flavors and aromas like blueberry, chocolate, or flowers, depending on what type they choose to age the wine.

Wine enthusiasts can stop in at the winery’s tasting room throughout this year on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons between May until late November or with special appointments. Every year, Springhill Cellars Winery hosts an annual festival where German-style harvest fare is paired alongside riesling vintages from Federweisser Wineries.

Their winery is all about quality. That’s why they make sure to grow only the finest grapes and treat them with care from vine planting through bottling, using traditional methods that have been passed down for generations in order to achieve maximum flavor expression without compromising growth or production rates because it is not just what you put into your glass but also how much passion goes into making wine.

The soil in the Springhill vineyards is rich, deep, and well-drained. This allows them to maintain a low yield per acre while still producing quality grapes that are carefully handled from the moment they’re picked by skilled workers with experience picking hundreds if not thousands of pounds worth every day. Their wines don’t have any funny business done on them; no filtering or fining so you can enjoy their true flavors as nature intended–just pure delicious goodness right off the press.

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