Top 3 Outdoor Paver Fire Pit Ideas For Your Home

paver ideas for outdoor fire pit, custom patio designs

If you want to do something new with your outdoor space and make it more appealing for evenings out in the garden, installing a new fire pit might be just what you need. It makes socializing out in the garden a whole lot more enjoyable, and fun. But what kind of paver fire pit should […]

Which Fire Pit is Right for Your Patio?

When it comes to keeping your garden welcoming and warm or adding a gorgeous socializing space, or an outdoor grilling area, a fire pit can be hard to beat. However, when you start looking at the sheer range of fire pits out there, it can be a little intimidating. Here we are going to look […]

Can You Build a Fire Pit on Top of Pavers

build a fire pit outdoor home backyard

A patio built out of paving stones – or pavers – is a very pleasant addition to any garden, an alternative to decking which is harder-wearing and endlessly customizable. Once it’s in place, you can add more or less what you want. This includes patio furniture, heaters, potentially a water feature, maybe a barbecue grill… […]

Extend Outdoor Living Season With an Outdoor Fire Pit Installation

outdoor fire pit

Everyone loves to spend time outdoors when the weather is good. We enjoy lazy days sunbathing, relaxing, and entertaining friends and family.  But when the weather starts to turn a little chillier, we head back indoors.   Enjoying the outdoors is good for our body and our soul, so why not look for a way to […]