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Top 3 Outdoor Paver Fire Pit Ideas For Your Home

If you want to do something new with your outdoor space and make it more appealing for evenings out in the garden, installing a new fire pit might be just what you need. It makes socializing out in the garden a whole lot more enjoyable, and fun.

But what kind of paver fire pit should you choose for your home? There are many good options out there, and we’re going to discuss a few of them now. So, read on and learn a bit more about each of them before you make your final decision.

1. A Sunken Fire Pit

Sunken fire pits can look really stylish and make great focal points for your outdoor sitting area. However, they’re not so good for families because there’s more risk involved when kids are running around and playing. But for mature settings, where the focus is on creating a stylish space and a fire pit everyone can sit around for conversation, sunken fire pits are ideal.

They’re relatively easy to build can a small rim can be created with pavers made of stone. There are all kinds of shapes and styles that can be chosen, depending on what your specific aesthetic preferences are. But there’s something very impressive about the flames darting up from a hole in the ground.

2. A Fire Pit Built Into a Wall

Some people choose to have a paver fire pit built into a stone wall. It might be a low wall that separates one part of the garden from another. By building a firepit that connects to that wall and uses the same stone, it can look very natural and in keeping with what already exists.

It doesn’t stand out or take up too much excess space, and that’s quite important to a lot of people when creating a fire pit for their own outdoor space. It can be circular, square, or just about any shape that you want it to be. There are no limitations.

3. A Circular Fire Pit with a Corresponding Bench

A simple circular fire pit made from stone pavers can look great. The circular design is ideal for social situations in which people are going to be sitting around the fire put on long evenings, in either winter or summer.

It can be even better when you have a corresponding bench area that’s connected to the structure of the fire pit in some way. It could track the curve of the pot or it could be made using the same materials with some extra cushions for padding and comfort. It makes the space feel much more cohesively put together.

Creating a fire pit in your outdoor space is certainly a good idea and an option you should consider if you haven’t done so already. It could be precisely the change that your outdoor space needs to make it more sociable, and fun to spend time in. To assess the options above and decide which type of fire pit might be the right one for you.

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