best way to clean patio pavers

Cleaning Patio Pavers: Tips and Techniques

It’s all good and well having beautiful patio pavers installed in the exterior part of your home. But it’s important to remember that they’ll only look at their best if they’re clean. It’s normal for anything to become a little dirty when it’s exposed to the elements, and your patio pavers are exposed to the elements 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As such, it’s important to set some time aside to ensure that they’re as clean as can be. Fortunately, cleaning patio pavers is not an impossible task! Anyone can do it, especially since there are various methods.

In this blog, we’re going to run through some of the best methods for cleaning patio pavers. 

Use a Pressure Washer when Cleaning

A pressure washer will wash away all the dirt and grime that can accumulate on a patio paver within seconds. It’s the fastest, most straightforward way to ensure that they’re kept perfectly clean. However, it’s important that you’re using the right amount of pressure. If it’s the highest pressure, then the paver will be clean, but you could also cause it damage, especially to the outer edges. So start with a low setting, and then slowly build up.

Clean with Soap and Water

If your pavers aren’t overly dirty, then you may be able to use simple soap and hot water. This sounds simple, but it can be effective, especially if the dirt hasn’t been present for too long. Of course, this will require more elbow grease than the pressure washer will, but it can be effective! There will be some soapy cleaning products that will cause damage to your pavers, so it’s best not to use anything that has chemicals in it. A simple soap that you use to clean your dishes will do the trick.

Heavy Duty Brooming

If you don’t have a power washer and you’re stuck with some stubborn marks even after you’ve scrubbed with your hand brush, look at using an industrial strength brush. Those marks will come right off. 

Remove Weeds

A pressure washer won’t get rid of weeds that are popping up between your pavers. Well, they might take the heads off, but they won’t get rid of the root. If you’ve got a weed problem, then invest in a good weed killer and apply the product before you clean your pavers. Remember that weed killers can take a day (more or less) to work fully, so apply it the day before you’re planning on cleaning your pavers.

Regular Clearing of Patio Pavers

The best way to clean patio pavers is to, well, make sure that they don’t get dirty in the first place. Rather than waiting for the pavers to become dirty before you think about cleaning, look at setting some time aside to clean them even when you don’t think they need cleaning. It can take a while for pavers to become visibly dirty. If you make cleaning them just part of your regular yard work, then you’ll have peace of mind that they’ll always be in perfect condition. 

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