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Paver Patio Installation: DIY or Hire a Professional?

There are some DIY jobs that everyone can do, such as painting a wall, putting together a new bedside table, and even changing a tire. However, some jobs do just need to be left for professionals. There is a reason it takes time for them to train and become experts in their field. Knowing what to do, what not to do, and not taking easier shortcuts which will inevitably end up with a result that just won’t last. 

Some Installation Jobs Require Assistance

When you are looking at paver installation this is one of the items you will want to make sure to look for assistance with.

As patios are located outside they have to stand the brutal and unforgiving natural effects. If Patios aren’t layed correctly when we have extreme weather or over a period of time the wear and tear can damage it rather than the normal wear and tear that everyone experiences. We can also help with repairs and give your patio a refreshing look, so if you need help with that then please get in touch. 

Professionals Have an Eye For the Installation Details

There are other things that professionals will be able to notice and correct at the right time. If for example there are sunken pavers, they are not very nice to look at but mean there is something else going on. They normally indicate there is sinking in areas and a larger problem that needs to be addressed in the construction stage. To the untrained eye if you aren’t able to notice this then it will need to be corrected and fully leveled again. So you ended up doing it twice. 

Be Aware of Poor Drainage

Another problem that can happen with DIY installation jobs is not having the correct drainage.

Poor drainage in patios can lead to sinking which we mentioned before but also rainwater will pool up and puddle on top of the patio, so if the patio that you have had paved has low areas they will always be affected in bad weather. It can be more than pooling, it can lead to plant beds getting washed away and causing all sorts of damage. That is why having professionals is always beneficial as they will make sure the water on the patio is properly channeled to go away from your home and garden landscape. 

Make Sure You Have the Correct Paver Barriers

Mother nature is always there, so often paver patios that haven’t had the care and expertise in the laying will have weeds push their way through ruining the patio and sometimes even make the patio areas lose and dangerous. There are certain sands, binding agents, and things that need to be included when putting down a patio so you don’t end up with a patio full of weeds.

Make Sure To Plan Correctly

When not planned correctly from a DIY job you can end up with uneven and dangerous sections in the patios. They can be trip and fall hazards and can really hurt someone. If you have children running about, elderly people who need stability, or just want a patio that is expertly laid then get in touch today.

At Sequoia Stonescape, we’re passionate about pavers and home hardscaping

With over 10 years of experience, our family-owned paver installation company would love to help. We also provide peace of mind with a 5-year warranty. Get in touch with us at (503)-932-7605. We’ve got an eye for practical solutions and can help you create beautiful outdoor esthetics for your yard.

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